Thursday, March 10, 2011

My Sweet little helmet head!

Back in December i noticed that the back of Paisley's head was not forming correctly. So when she had her check up with Doctor Morgan i asked him. He reffered me to a specialist in Idaho Falls.
The Specialist told us that she has Brachialsephily(aka flat head) but hers was a little different. instead of growing convex, the back of her head was growing concave. He said she grow and develop just fine, but she would have "a big square head." Then he told us how much it was going to cost! $4000! I think i was in denyal! How in the world would we come up with that, and come to find out our insurace would not cover it. Boy have we been Blessed because Jared at Idaho Prosthetics and Orthotics gave us a wonderful discount so we would be able to get the helmet.
Its funny because sometimes I don't even mind her wearing a helmet, even when here in star valley not many people have seen a child with a helmet. so i get some pretty funny questions like, "Did your baby take a fall?" lol ya she fell so i decided to have her wear a helmet for the next time i dont watch her, or "oh your baby is wearing a bike helmet!" Yep Because she is a avid bike rider at 6 months in the dead of winter! I think that is so funny. But what i miss most is when i rock her to sleep, we would put our cheeks together and snuggle up. I know i will be able to snuggle up to her in not to long, but i sure do miss my little Paisa snuggles! so when she gets to take off the helmet for 1 hour a day, we snuggle and play all we can. Its funny how having a child changes your life, and boy am i glad i get to have Paisley be the one that i get to teach me so much! I'm so greatful to my Heavenly Father that she is mine!


  1. Karen Your daughter is so cute...hope all is going good!

  2. Karen! I thought Paisley was the only baby I'd ever see wearing a helmet until like a week ago after class I saw a couple who had a little boy wearing a helmet just like Paisley's!!! (Paisley is much cuter though!)