Sunday, November 23, 2014

Us in 2014

It has been so long since I even thought about writing on our blog! Apparently this is what happens when you have not 1 but 2 busy sweet girls taking up your days. How blessed I am to have them.
Paisley is now 4! She is in preschool and loves every second of being with other kids. I love riding in the car with her because she just LOVES to sing, and I love hearing her in all her confidence belt out the songs even when its the wrong words. Lately she has become concerned about if I am proud of her or I think she is pretty and this is usually after I have told Torrie that she is a good girl or what have you. I wish she could understand that I do and will always think she is everything I could want in a daughter. She is kind, loving, funny, sweet, smart, and a child sent to me from my Heavenly Father. My girls have made me a better person, not a more patient person, but I can look outside myself and see the needs of others before I worry about what I need.

My Torrie girl! man she is going to be 2 in February and she will give anyone a run for their money! She is a TALKER...and its so funny especially if she is trying to talk on the phone. you can only understand 1 out of 15 words she says but she just keeps talking and talking. She likes to Climb, run away with mom's phone or anyones phone for that matter! She likes to go for walks and check the chickens, and she loves to dance to music in Dad's truck! How in the world did I get such a eyed dark curly haired, dimpled Torrie she melts my heart!

Jaron is a worker! He is usually tinkering on something just like his DAD! I'm sure one day we will have a shop out there just so he can go tinker on things that I don't think are that cool but he does. He has been working on making a trailer for us, it has been fun to hear Jaron and his Dad out there laughing talking things through, and a lot of torches and cutting. I love it because I know Jaron is loving it!

People ask me whats new with you..and I usually say I'm busy but I don't know what I am busy doing. I do know though. I get to stay home with my girls! sometimes we stay in our P.J.s all day hair not done blankets on our laps doing whatever they want to do. By the end of the day there are papers everywhere, crayons all over under the table. But if you look at the pictures you will see what makes my days. Not the perfect round faces but a face maybe with no nose and only 1 eye with a smile. maybe a few flowers on 1 whole page, or some scribbles that I get to have interpreted by Paisley.

I love my family! I love where I live it is so peace full and simple. I am grateful for the friends I have made here where I live. I am lucky enough to have many people that I know would be there for me when I need them. 

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Being Momma

One of my last days at the salon before I get the chance to stay home with my sweet girls! One of the last days to race to the babysitters house to pick up Paisley, then run home and decide what to fix for dinner. I am going to miss my sweet ladies that I was so lucky to have come in and chat with! They definatley made my life interesting!

   But look at what I get to be with each day, how could i have possibly passed up this chance? Paisley tells me at least once a day she is happy that i didnt go to work today! I get to have the home for my husband that I always have wanted! I feel so blessed to have the life I do. There are ups and downs, but i can never say i have not been blessed everyday.
 I also just wanted to share one of my favorite blogs. If you have not read it, grab a tissue, but you may not be as emotional as I am. Only 1 week left of my pregnancy so hormones are HIGH!!

Monday, January 7, 2013

Chritmas/New Year

I cannot believe that Christmas 2012 has already come and gone, and now we are in the New Year! How did this happen? We really had a great Christmas/New Year..I would put a whole bunch of pictures up, but we forgot our camera christmas day at Jarons parents house..wups!
Paisley was lots of fun this year for christmas. She was so excited to see Santa, at our church christmas party she ran Santa down and grabbed right on to his leg! That went alot better than last year she didnt want anything to do with Santa!
She was so excited to put up the tree and help decorate it, i swear there was 1/2 of our christmas decor on the bottom of the tree beause she was such a big helper! I have somewhat learned to let the little things go, alot of the time if she is beaming with pride and a big smile i just let it be! She was very happy Christmas moringing when she finally got to open some presents...FINALLY! She got a new kitchen from santa, and minnie mouse bedroom set from us and while opening it squealing with excitement...she turned around and said "Thanks you guys are the BEST!!" melted my heart! i hope she remembers that when she is a teenager..that we are the BEST!
We are very blessed to be so fortunate to have the friends and family we do. Paisley is always saying she wants to play with her friends and her cousins who she calls " My guys"..where she got that one i have no idea but i love it!
We are getting ready to have baby #2...another little girl. we are going to name her Torrie, at least that is the only name we have talked about so i guess i just asume that is what her name is going to be. I am due Feb 16th. I have had this flood of emotion worrying and wondering how Paisley is going to react not being the only one, and not having all of our attention. And that i am kind of sad because she have really become buddies Paisley and I. And the other day in the car coming home from my doctors apt all the pain and hurt came back to me and i remember LABOR! oh no....just please give me the epidural!! My New Years resolution is just to be HAPPY..happy for my family, happy for other people, happy to be where i am in life!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Away from the Family

Today my nephew James Jolley is wrestling for the state championship! I'm so proud of him and all he has done. He us a senior this year and i usually make it to things, but since i moved to Wyoming i do believe that all my nieces and nephews, which are the best, have been getting the SHAFT! I was ready to set out and watch him in Pocatello, when pink eye hit! Luckily Paisley nor I got that just lucky Jaron! I was still planning on going but then the storm came. There was really no way I was going out in the storm without Jaron! So here I am watching on line, Lame and sad! Poor Paisley has been a little neglected..she has been watching Bubble Guppies alot today. I know she doesnt mind!
Although today she did potty in the toilet today for the first time, and actually the first time we have really tried this all out! I know James will never read this, but my heart is jumping when i watch him just as if I was sitting there with all the rest of the Jolley's cheering you on!

and paisley is riding her horse!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Who Knew?

So it was just about this time 6 years ago that i braved bringing Jaron home to meet some of my crazy family! It was Super Bowl weekend and boy was it SUPER! The funny thing is, one of the people there kept saying don't date a long time just get married..i was so embarrassed i just wanted to crawl in a hole! Any way to make a long story short here we are now six years later! Sometimes I cant even believe it has been that long..boy how the time flys. I though life was great in our tiny 2 bedroom apartment when we first got married, i mean you could hear the guy downstairs snoring and i seriously thought that was great! Thank goodness for Jaron! I couldn't be more happy then I am now.
Now we have our sweet little one and a half year old sassy Paisley! If she puts her mind to doing something by dang she is going to find a way to do it one way or another! Hmmm where does she get that from! She can be a little drama queen but i think that just comes with any little girl! She has a few favorite things
*Bubble Guppies
*Her 2 kitties Rooster and Bandit
*She is defiantly a Daddy's Girl
*Finding all the horses on our car rides
*Her cousin Cheznee
It's amazing how things change after you have kids..its nice to go out on a date, but oh how i love coming home to sweet loves from Paisley..who knew 6 years ago that i would have all this? I am so lucky to have the people in my life that i do..
Who Knew?

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Our own little heaven!

 Wow i guess its safe to say this blog has got away from me. It is tucked back in the corner of my mind, somewhere!
 Alot has gone on since i last wrote..for one my sweet Paisley turned 1! wow that went by EXTREMELY fast. I'm sure it was just a few days ago that i gave birth to my sweet litte 6 lber! She is growing up sooo fast! She has started to show mommie that she can do it ALL BY HERSELF!  And maybe i should just go with it! She thinks she can put on her own shoes..i mean who needs mom for that one, not Paisley!
 Oh i just adore her though. I love her sweet slobbery kisses..her fake cry just so she can snug on my shoulder, how she says kitty (kkkee), how she is so excited to see Daddy coming up the drive, she is awesome at making the truck noise when she is playing with a toy truck, her little toothy grin, and i love how she is so friendly...she wants to be friends with your kid whether your kid likes it or not!
 My day would consist of doing hair all day if i didnt have Paisley, and who wants to do that all the time. I would much rather play peek-a-boo, sing itsy bitsy spider, eat jello, laugh at the wind blowing in our faces, run through the clothes hanging on the line, and console a sleepy baby before bed time. I thank my Heavenly Father each day for how wonderful it is to be a mommie, through the good times and bad...each day is more amazing then i can describe!
 I am now looking forward to playing in leaves, snow, and being snuggled up by the fireplace the night before christmas! I know it is a long way until christmas, but i find my self believing in santa more and more because I want Paisley to be so excited like I was as a little kid!
 Oh and to say a little about the rest of us, we moved about 2 months ago to this nice ranch near Auburn, Wy. It is the Tygee Valley Ranch, and we just love it here. Jaron is doing fantastic, and I am having the time of my life now that i dont have to deal with kidney stones...

Monday, July 4, 2011

Camping with a Kidney stone!

so let me tell you right away, that if you think you are tough! well lets just hope you never go on a camping trip and encounter a kidney stone! I can tell you first hand, you may have thought you were tough, but i would go through labor 5 times before i would want to have another kidney stone and mine was only 1/8 of an inch. it was tiny, but it sure did hurt!
 our first little camping trip as a family was going to be such and adventure, we went on a 4wheeler ride, and paisley fell asleep, we roasted hot dogs, we got eatten by misquitos, and then went to bed. Bright and early at 5 a.m. i awoke to a pain that hurt so bad. i was trying to be tough and i woke up jaron thinking he would make me feel better. (why would i have thought that, who knows.) but he woke up for a few min then went back to bed..and there is me, i could not believe he went back to sleep i mean i was in some real pain! so thirty min later i woke him back up and told  him he had to take me home. it sure seemed like he was taking his sweet time to get us in the truck and gone, but i know he was doing his best. i'm just an impatient person and when i'm in pain even more so impatient. i was yelling at him to go faster..i think i looked over at the speedometer and it said much faster did i want him to go? who will ever know but it was not fast enough! and there is little paisley just looking at mom wondering what had possesed her! but she didnt cry just stared the WHOLE time! lol
then we get to the E.R. and they ask you all these stupid questions, are you pregnant, have you ever had this pain before..bla bla the end of the feasco they told me i had a kidney stone! yay! how much did i pay for them to tell me what i had already figured out on the 45 min ride to the hospital?
needless to say i was glad to get some medicane, sleep, and to be told that i most likely wont have another one for a very long time..those words were pricess!
so choose birth, not passing a stone!