Sunday, October 16, 2011

Our own little heaven!

 Wow i guess its safe to say this blog has got away from me. It is tucked back in the corner of my mind, somewhere!
 Alot has gone on since i last wrote..for one my sweet Paisley turned 1! wow that went by EXTREMELY fast. I'm sure it was just a few days ago that i gave birth to my sweet litte 6 lber! She is growing up sooo fast! She has started to show mommie that she can do it ALL BY HERSELF!  And maybe i should just go with it! She thinks she can put on her own shoes..i mean who needs mom for that one, not Paisley!
 Oh i just adore her though. I love her sweet slobbery kisses..her fake cry just so she can snug on my shoulder, how she says kitty (kkkee), how she is so excited to see Daddy coming up the drive, she is awesome at making the truck noise when she is playing with a toy truck, her little toothy grin, and i love how she is so friendly...she wants to be friends with your kid whether your kid likes it or not!
 My day would consist of doing hair all day if i didnt have Paisley, and who wants to do that all the time. I would much rather play peek-a-boo, sing itsy bitsy spider, eat jello, laugh at the wind blowing in our faces, run through the clothes hanging on the line, and console a sleepy baby before bed time. I thank my Heavenly Father each day for how wonderful it is to be a mommie, through the good times and bad...each day is more amazing then i can describe!
 I am now looking forward to playing in leaves, snow, and being snuggled up by the fireplace the night before christmas! I know it is a long way until christmas, but i find my self believing in santa more and more because I want Paisley to be so excited like I was as a little kid!
 Oh and to say a little about the rest of us, we moved about 2 months ago to this nice ranch near Auburn, Wy. It is the Tygee Valley Ranch, and we just love it here. Jaron is doing fantastic, and I am having the time of my life now that i dont have to deal with kidney stones...