Monday, July 4, 2011

Camping with a Kidney stone!

so let me tell you right away, that if you think you are tough! well lets just hope you never go on a camping trip and encounter a kidney stone! I can tell you first hand, you may have thought you were tough, but i would go through labor 5 times before i would want to have another kidney stone and mine was only 1/8 of an inch. it was tiny, but it sure did hurt!
 our first little camping trip as a family was going to be such and adventure, we went on a 4wheeler ride, and paisley fell asleep, we roasted hot dogs, we got eatten by misquitos, and then went to bed. Bright and early at 5 a.m. i awoke to a pain that hurt so bad. i was trying to be tough and i woke up jaron thinking he would make me feel better. (why would i have thought that, who knows.) but he woke up for a few min then went back to bed..and there is me, i could not believe he went back to sleep i mean i was in some real pain! so thirty min later i woke him back up and told  him he had to take me home. it sure seemed like he was taking his sweet time to get us in the truck and gone, but i know he was doing his best. i'm just an impatient person and when i'm in pain even more so impatient. i was yelling at him to go faster..i think i looked over at the speedometer and it said much faster did i want him to go? who will ever know but it was not fast enough! and there is little paisley just looking at mom wondering what had possesed her! but she didnt cry just stared the WHOLE time! lol
then we get to the E.R. and they ask you all these stupid questions, are you pregnant, have you ever had this pain before..bla bla the end of the feasco they told me i had a kidney stone! yay! how much did i pay for them to tell me what i had already figured out on the 45 min ride to the hospital?
needless to say i was glad to get some medicane, sleep, and to be told that i most likely wont have another one for a very long time..those words were pricess!
so choose birth, not passing a stone!

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