Tuesday, June 21, 2011

25 and its my first airplane ride!!!

I was so excited today, i got to have my first airplane ride! it was in a little 4 seater. One of the guys in my bishop-ric has an airplane, and he heard that i had never ridden in an airplane. Apparently he thought that was unacceptable becuase i got a call earlier today with an invite to take a ride!
I was lucky enough to have my sweet neice here, so she got to come also!
It was so awesome! until i looked back and Natasha was not looking so good..then i started not feeling so hot.. luckily i am happy to say no one got to sick, but we did have a beautiful ride!
How am i so lucky? It was a fantastic way to start my SUMMER! pictures to come soon

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  1. Fun for you! What a way to start out your airplane riding experience. Not sure I would have felt too safe in a small plane... :)