Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Being Momma

One of my last days at the salon before I get the chance to stay home with my sweet girls! One of the last days to race to the babysitters house to pick up Paisley, then run home and decide what to fix for dinner. I am going to miss my sweet ladies that I was so lucky to have come in and chat with! They definatley made my life interesting!

   But look at what I get to be with each day, how could i have possibly passed up this chance? Paisley tells me at least once a day she is happy that i didnt go to work today! I get to have the home for my husband that I always have wanted! I feel so blessed to have the life I do. There are ups and downs, but i can never say i have not been blessed everyday.
 I also just wanted to share one of my favorite blogs. If you have not read it, grab a tissue, but you may not be as emotional as I am. Only 1 week left of my pregnancy so hormones are HIGH!!

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