Monday, January 7, 2013

Chritmas/New Year

I cannot believe that Christmas 2012 has already come and gone, and now we are in the New Year! How did this happen? We really had a great Christmas/New Year..I would put a whole bunch of pictures up, but we forgot our camera christmas day at Jarons parents house..wups!
Paisley was lots of fun this year for christmas. She was so excited to see Santa, at our church christmas party she ran Santa down and grabbed right on to his leg! That went alot better than last year she didnt want anything to do with Santa!
She was so excited to put up the tree and help decorate it, i swear there was 1/2 of our christmas decor on the bottom of the tree beause she was such a big helper! I have somewhat learned to let the little things go, alot of the time if she is beaming with pride and a big smile i just let it be! She was very happy Christmas moringing when she finally got to open some presents...FINALLY! She got a new kitchen from santa, and minnie mouse bedroom set from us and while opening it squealing with excitement...she turned around and said "Thanks you guys are the BEST!!" melted my heart! i hope she remembers that when she is a teenager..that we are the BEST!
We are very blessed to be so fortunate to have the friends and family we do. Paisley is always saying she wants to play with her friends and her cousins who she calls " My guys"..where she got that one i have no idea but i love it!
We are getting ready to have baby #2...another little girl. we are going to name her Torrie, at least that is the only name we have talked about so i guess i just asume that is what her name is going to be. I am due Feb 16th. I have had this flood of emotion worrying and wondering how Paisley is going to react not being the only one, and not having all of our attention. And that i am kind of sad because she have really become buddies Paisley and I. And the other day in the car coming home from my doctors apt all the pain and hurt came back to me and i remember LABOR! oh no....just please give me the epidural!! My New Years resolution is just to be HAPPY..happy for my family, happy for other people, happy to be where i am in life!

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  1. It was so fun to see you guys on Christmas. You spoiled us rotten! And we are super excited to meet baby Torrie!! Hang in there!