Saturday, February 25, 2012

Away from the Family

Today my nephew James Jolley is wrestling for the state championship! I'm so proud of him and all he has done. He us a senior this year and i usually make it to things, but since i moved to Wyoming i do believe that all my nieces and nephews, which are the best, have been getting the SHAFT! I was ready to set out and watch him in Pocatello, when pink eye hit! Luckily Paisley nor I got that just lucky Jaron! I was still planning on going but then the storm came. There was really no way I was going out in the storm without Jaron! So here I am watching on line, Lame and sad! Poor Paisley has been a little neglected..she has been watching Bubble Guppies alot today. I know she doesnt mind!
Although today she did potty in the toilet today for the first time, and actually the first time we have really tried this all out! I know James will never read this, but my heart is jumping when i watch him just as if I was sitting there with all the rest of the Jolley's cheering you on!

and paisley is riding her horse!

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