Sunday, November 23, 2014

Us in 2014

It has been so long since I even thought about writing on our blog! Apparently this is what happens when you have not 1 but 2 busy sweet girls taking up your days. How blessed I am to have them.
Paisley is now 4! She is in preschool and loves every second of being with other kids. I love riding in the car with her because she just LOVES to sing, and I love hearing her in all her confidence belt out the songs even when its the wrong words. Lately she has become concerned about if I am proud of her or I think she is pretty and this is usually after I have told Torrie that she is a good girl or what have you. I wish she could understand that I do and will always think she is everything I could want in a daughter. She is kind, loving, funny, sweet, smart, and a child sent to me from my Heavenly Father. My girls have made me a better person, not a more patient person, but I can look outside myself and see the needs of others before I worry about what I need.

My Torrie girl! man she is going to be 2 in February and she will give anyone a run for their money! She is a TALKER...and its so funny especially if she is trying to talk on the phone. you can only understand 1 out of 15 words she says but she just keeps talking and talking. She likes to Climb, run away with mom's phone or anyones phone for that matter! She likes to go for walks and check the chickens, and she loves to dance to music in Dad's truck! How in the world did I get such a eyed dark curly haired, dimpled Torrie she melts my heart!

Jaron is a worker! He is usually tinkering on something just like his DAD! I'm sure one day we will have a shop out there just so he can go tinker on things that I don't think are that cool but he does. He has been working on making a trailer for us, it has been fun to hear Jaron and his Dad out there laughing talking things through, and a lot of torches and cutting. I love it because I know Jaron is loving it!

People ask me whats new with you..and I usually say I'm busy but I don't know what I am busy doing. I do know though. I get to stay home with my girls! sometimes we stay in our P.J.s all day hair not done blankets on our laps doing whatever they want to do. By the end of the day there are papers everywhere, crayons all over under the table. But if you look at the pictures you will see what makes my days. Not the perfect round faces but a face maybe with no nose and only 1 eye with a smile. maybe a few flowers on 1 whole page, or some scribbles that I get to have interpreted by Paisley.

I love my family! I love where I live it is so peace full and simple. I am grateful for the friends I have made here where I live. I am lucky enough to have many people that I know would be there for me when I need them. 

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